Purchase Etizolam and Travelling Overseas

If you have any intention of travelling with a liquid purchase etizolam in another country, it’s best to avoid hiding it in any way or form. While there are some measures to keep in mind since the drug is under the thienodiazepene class, etizolam suspensions aren’t regulated in a majority of countries all over the globe.

But going great to great lengths to concealing it is exaggerating and completely unnecessary. It’s important to research the country you’re about visit before deciding to pack any form of etizolam in your luggage. This will determine if the country allows such drug to be taken into the airport. But for the most part, traveling with a liquid etizolam is relaxed and easy process.

Purchase Etizolam: Avoid Bringing it Abroad

If you’re worried about taking an etizolam suspension in the air or on the road, you might end up conjuring ridiculous ideas that will only make your situation a lot worse. You might be red flagged since an etizolam liquid is more viscose than eye drops. It could cause suspension to security or agents who wants to search your luggage.

Some people have taken the ridiculous route of inserting etizolam rectally. Not only is this uncomfortable and dangerous, you could easily be seen carrying something potent and illegal.

Traveling to the USA, UK, and Germany

Take note, etizolam isn’t considered illegal in most countries.  But some countries have the following exceptions:

United States

The drug can be bought, sold, and used in almost any U.S. state. It remains unscheduled and are used for research reasons. Currently, it doesn’t fall under the Federal Analog Act since it’s neither a Schedule I nor a Schedule II drug.

Etizolam is legal and controlled in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Virginia, and Georgia. That means these states are places where you should be extremely careful in possessing etizolam especially if you received it without a prescription.

But in the remaining states, the drug is still considered a “gray area” and can be flown under the radar when it’s bought or delivered to you in its original packaging. But you can always remove the label so you won’t draw any attention from anyone.


Many have feared traveling with a purchase etizolam to Germany. The truth is, thienodiazepines were no longer classified as a controlled substance in the country since 2013. That doesn’t entirely mean you shouldn’t be careful. Just to be safe, you can place the liquid etizolam in your hygiene kit along with your deodorant, toothpaste, and other essentials.

United Kingdom

This country is popular for its strict laws on just about everything. However, the government’s issue with thienodiazepines isn’t aimed at etizolam. Instead, it’s the other chemicals within the family that pose problems — mainly brotizolam, clotiazepam, and others.

At present, etizolam isn’t a controlled substance in the United Kingdom under the recent blanket ban so importing for research use is illegal and may result in prosecution by local government.

Despite etizolam and other thienodiazepines not illegal (in a technical sense), it’s advisable to avoid traveling with purchase etizolam wherever you go — just to be safe.

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