Buy Etizest: Addiction Potential and Drug Interactions

Etizolam Abuse

Etizolam or Buy Etizest is known as a short-acting drug belonging from the thienodiazepine class. It’s known to relax muscles, decrease anxiety, and promotes sleep. It also functions as anti-depressant and anti-convulsant. 1mg of the drug is comparable to at least 10mg of diazepam.

Currently, the drug isn’t commonly prescribed worldwide and has yet been recognized as a controlled substance. As a result, its popularity has risen sharply over the years. The compound is widely used for research purposes but a number of others extensively take Etizolam for recreational use.

With similar properties to benzodiazepines, a majority of thienodiazepines were discontinued due to the potential dangers they pose to individuals who use it constantly or for extend periods. Such frequent use have been attributed to multiple seizures and deaths. With Etizolam, it’s advisable for long-term users of the drug to slowly taper off dose by gradually lowering intake for each session instead of completely halting the drug.

Buy Etizest: Tolerance and Addiction Potential

Etizolam has been described by users to be addictive. Based on a rat study, multiple Etizolam administered to the neurons of rats led to an increase of the alpha-2 benzodiapezine binding sites (a completely reversed tolerance to effects of anti-anxiety). No anti-convulsant effects were observed. Therefore, this concludes the drug to have decreased liability to trigger tolerance and dependence compared to the benzodiazepine class.

However, such tolerance have led to the development of sedative effects within a few days of frequent intake. After termination, tolerance returns back to its baseline within one to weeks. In specific cases, this may take a little longer. This is proportional to the intensity and period of one taking the drug for extended periods.

Symptoms of withdrawal may happen after terminating drug use following several weeks (or longer) of constant and steady dosing of Buy Etizest Etizolam. This could lead to a gradual reduction intake.

Discontinuing the intake of Etizolam can be challenging. It may pose danger to individuals who take it constantly then abruptly discontinuing intake without gradual dosage reduction over a short time period. The chances of seizure are high when abruptly stopping the intake of Etizolam. Medications capable of lowering the seizure threshold should be avoided at all costs during the withdrawal period.

Etizolam offers a cross-tolerance with both thienodiazepine and benzodiazepine classes. That means after taking the drug with any of the compounds from both classes, it would lead to a less potent effect.

Drug Interactions

While a majority of prescribed drugs can be safely taken on their own, they can be life threatening when mixed other substances. Certain combinations are safe enough to take at low doses the chances of death are high. Research should be done to make sure that combining Buy Etizest Etizolam with two or more drugs is safe enough for intake.

Here are some known drug classes that can be potentially dangerous when combined with Buy Etizest:

  • Depressants

When combined with Etizolam, these substances can lead to life threatening or high levels of respiratory depression. Such substances have a tendency to potential amnesia, hypnosis, and muscle relaxation leading to unconsciousness at high doses. There’s also a high risk for vomiting during the period of unconsciousness. If this occurs, death would be a result due to suffocation.

  • Dissociatives

When combined with Etizolam, these substances can lead to higher risk of vomiting during unconsciousness, leading to suffocation, and then death.

  • Stimulants

It’s never a good idea to mix Etizolam with any stimulant since this could lead intoxication. Stimulants are known for minimizing the sedation properties of thienodiazepines — an aspect most people will think about when finding a user’s intoxication level. Once the effects of the stimulant starts to wear off, properties of Etizolam will be decreased.

But when the drug is combined with a stimulant, it’s advisable to strictly limit the stimulant dosage per hour. If not monitor, the combination can lead to severe dehydration.

Current Legal Standing

Here are some countries with a confirmed legal standing on the drug:

  • U.S.A.

The state of Arkansas classified the drug as a Schedule I drug in August 2014.

  • Germany

Etizolam and Phenazepam were considered as controlled substances in July 2013.

  • Poland

The country is currently scheduling the drug under the Act of Counteracting Drug Addiction and the State of Sanitary Inspection. (headlined under Article 27c).

  • Switzerland

The drug is currently controlled in the country.

  • U.K.

The drug is now considered to be illegal in terms of production, distribution, and import. This was headlined under the Psychoactive Substance Act, which came into legal effect on May 2016, meant for the Buy Etizest Etizolam.

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